Saturday, March 01, 2014


The tramm silk I posted here stayed in the dyebath for 3 more days (hey, it's cold out, and the pot was out-of-doors, so the dye doesn't bond very quickly). This is what I got after rinsing the skein well, rolling it in a towel and walking on it to get as much water out as possible, and then giving it a rest day on a rack in the studio until almost dry. At that point, I rewound the skein from the very thick, short (1-meter?) skein it came in. and made 2 slenderer skeins on my 2-yard winder, a process that both dried and softened the silk. Love that color!

The McMorran Balance says the yarn is about 10,000 yards per pound, and I've got about 2,800 yards of it. It'll probably be used as weft, but there are no specific plans for it yet.

The silk crepe fabric cut into scarf lengths that was in various other dyepots at the same time as the yarn has also been washed and pressed. Here are the alkanet (left) and bloodwood (right) scarves.

Considering that both dyepots were on their third use, I got an amazing amount of color out of them. Pale and subtle, but still, there's obviously color left in the pots. These scarves will get some fleece felted onto them - someday, just not today. Today, I'm getting back to the jacquard loom to weave some samples to check the aspect ratio on a new design.

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