Friday, April 18, 2014

Eye Candy

That's what tramm silk dyed with wood-derived colors is - a delight to the eyes.

The caramel on the left is from cocobolo. The peachy pink is redheart (it's very similar to the hue I get from bloodwood). The warm grey on the right is the bubinga, which only made a blah warm beige, and then got an iron afterbath to bend it toward grey; I like it better now.

A fourth color is still drying on the rack. I'll begin to transfer that one from the dye skein to a more useable form tomorrow. The original 100-gm skein it came in is too much yarn in too small a circumference skein to dye well/evenly, but I hate to overhandle the thread by reskeining it, then mordanting, dyeing, after-dyeing, rinsing, etc. Next one out of the stash will get that full treatment, though, because the original size skeins are next to impossible to rewind after they're dry. I don't know what equipment the factory uses to make the skeins in the first place - it feels like it was an umbrella swift, which is a bad choice because the swift contracts a little with each round of thread, so the skein ends up being very unevenly tensioned.

Oh, well, I love the colors!


Connie Rose said...

Absolutely gorgeous yarns!

Peg Cherre said...

The yarns are gorgeous. Do you use tramm silk as is for weft? I have a bunch of it and find it challenging because it is SOOOOOO fine. Impossible to use for warp.