Sunday, April 13, 2014

More Dyepots

Three skeins of tramm silk went into wood-derived dyepots yesterday afternoon. The first is a wood called Redheart, which is giving a beautiful peach/apricot/pink color:

Next is Bubinga, a red-colored African hardwood. It's a bust. Pale beige, in spite of the rich color in the jar and in the dyebath. Oh well, one can always find a use for subtle neutrals... And once again, I'm reminded that many reds are simply fugitive - the colorant can't bond with either fiber or mordant, and just goes down the drain afterward. Live and learn. It'll be a disappointment to the gentleman from DH's woodturning club who gave me a huge lawn-and-garden-size garbage bag full of Bubinga chips. Its main function now will be as garden mulch, via the greenwaste facility.

Last is Cocobolo, a favorite for russet browns, from a tree that grows (very slowly) around the Gulf of California.

While these were soaking, I finished the jacquard image of the boat at the cabin:

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