Monday, April 21, 2014

On the Jacquard Loom

The bright, saturated colors I posted here are now in play on the jacquard loom, along with a bright gold. All are Bambu 12, about 6200 ypp.

The image is a much-manipulated shot of Antelope Canyon, a well known slot canyon in Arizona. I liked the colors, shapes, and composition of the original image.

The color of the border around the image is a placeholder for a weave that creates an equal blend of color A (the lightest fucshia on the left end of the swatch strip) and color C (the lightest scarlet). The two are close enough in value that they are indistinguishable in the weaving, except that the blend is a slightly different red than either the fuschia or the scarlet seen separately. In the border, the gold weft is weaving 8/1 satin; its stitchers are completely covered by the floats of the reds that are weaving 3/6 satin, so it is almost completely invisible.

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