Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Warp That Took Forever... finally beamed.

Things to be thankful for (besides finishing this stage) is that the next stages (threading, sleying, tying on) can all be done while seated. I kept several gel mats next to the warping wheel, and that did help the foot, but I'm still at the point in the healing process that I can definitely tell when I've spent too much time on my feet, no matter how well padded.

The yardage calculations for this warp were very close to accurate. This was the remains of the purple yarn after the last section was beamed:

There is more left of the magenta and blue, because of the stripe arrangement, but I couldn't have gotten another section out of what's left of the purple! Once the warp is woven, and there's no need to save leftovers, the remainder will be wound into balls and go into the guild raffle.

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