Friday, April 04, 2014

The Warp That Took Forever... easy and fast when it comes to threading. The wide stripes are all either straight draw from 1 to 12 or the reverse. The narrow (magenta) stripes are on 4 shafts each, all reverse straight draw from 16 to 13 or from 20 to 17. For this, I don't need to use the "treadle your threading" method, which would be much slower. I've got a wide-stripe-and-a-half to go, and should finish tomorrow.

The first scarf (at 18 inches wide, should it be called a shawl, or a wide scarf?) will have a simple design. I'm planning to use a navy-blue weft in a finer worsted yarn, something that's been lurking in the stash for much too long and deserves a chance to see daylight.

I figured that a navy weft would help mitigate the difference in saturation between the purple stripes and the blue stripes, while letting the magenta stripes provide a small "pop" of color. We'll see if I'm right in a few days.

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Laura Fry said...

Sometimes a little 'instant' gratification is A Good Thing. :)