Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Antelope Canyon Woven and Stash of Leftovers Reduced

After a few days away from the jacquard loom, I was able to weave the last 300+ picks of the Antelope Canyon image. I was so excited to be weaving, I didn't stop to take any photos until I'd completed the top border, and woven a few picks with waste yarn.

In the evenings, I've been working on stash reduction, in the form of kumihimo cords (future key fobs) using leftover silk from at least 20 years worth of scarves. It's amusing to see how the stash of leftovers progress from 20/2 to 30/2, then 60/2 and finer. In many cases I can actually remember the specific designs the silk was dyed for. Some of the balls of silk hold more than 100 yards, which would be a shame to toss in the bin, when instead, I can use them like this:

These are the latest batch - I think there are at least 15 in various stages of completion. These have been bound with matching silk, the rings were attached, and the fringes trimmed. I'll leave them overnight for the Fray Block to dry. That's what I use to ensure that the binding thread stays where I put it - that and a few extra stitches through the cords to create anchoring points.

I use my 2-yard skein winder to wind off the lengths of silk. Two yards makes enough cord for two key fobs, which is why they appear in pairs in the photo above.

At least one (and probably more) of the cords changes patterns half-way through; I've no idea how that happens. Maybe I stop to pet the cat, and can't remember where I left off. Gracie is very good about ignoring the threads dangling above her from the kumihimo disk. I guess she's old enough to like a warm lap better than play time.

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