Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weaving to the Bitter End

As it turned out, there was one more shawl on the warp than I thought - that'll teach me to pay attention to my notes! So about two more yards of weaving than anticipated.

By the time I finished, some of the knots were actually *under* the rearmost shaft. I would only try this with a threading like this one. The selvedges use the rearmost 4 shafts, and most of the pattern is on the front 12. The magenta stripes were on 13 to 20. Since I had added selvedge ends and weighted them off the back of the loom, there were no apron knots anywhere near the heddles for warp threads on shafts 21-24, which is typically the cause of end-of-warp distress.

The warp is now cut off the loom, and I'm looking forward to getting the mending and wet finishing done - this New Zealand yarn is really lovely, and should be cloud-soft when finished.

Up next: table runners in a 20/2 cotton/bamboo blend.

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Laura Fry said...

I managed to finish my 30 yard towel warp. Seems like a good day for finishing things? :)