Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gracie Does Kumihimo

Okay, so I've been making kumihimo braids in the evenings, while Gracie the cat sits on my lap. It's Spring here, so naturally she's shedding like mad. I hadn't noticed her contributions to my braids until recently, when I turned the kumihimo disk over to look at the newly formed braid coming out the back.

That grey fluff in each slot of the disk is pure Gracie. The fibers are so short they get stuck in the slots and can't fully imbed into the braid.

The other unexpected thing about this particular braid is the uneven take-up of the two colors. I wanted to experiment with thin strands versus thick strands, so this has 4 threads of green in each of 4 strands, and 8 threads of brown in each of 4 strands. Same size yarn in each color.

I thought (not sure of my reasoning here) that the brown strands would take up slightly faster than the green ones, but NO!

I'm assuming that the green strands had to wind over a bigger 'lump' of brown, so they took up so dramatically faster than the brown. Anybody got feedback on this issue?

BTW, I really like this braid!


Louisa said...

Sometimes it's hard to predict what will happen with take-up! But my guess is that the thin threads are more flexible and bent around the thick ones which remained straighter. The thin ones were used up faster because they had to take a longer route.

Connie Rose said...

I love your braids! As I always used to say to anyone buying anything fiber from me, which would always end up with part of BeeGee on it somewhere, "There's no charge for the cat hair!"