Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Table Runner Warp

I've finished the threading. Now to lash onto the apron rod, and begin weaving.

In the photo, you can see the threading file on the monitor. I've taken the threading draft, turned it, and made the tieup lift just one shaft at a time. That way, I can treadle the threading and be sure to pick a heddle from the correct shaft and have each thread in its proper order.

In other news, the kumihimo key fob collection has been proliferating. I'm hoping a few of these sell at the Paso Robles ArtFest. I've been having fun trying out different color order variations of the basic 2-color, 8-strand braid.


Anonymous said...

Nice kumihimo, it's addicting isn't it? If you're interested, there's a cheat sheet at for the starting positions to get each pattern. There's also a three color version on the site.

neki desu said...

tried my hand at kumihimo while in i need another life!!