Sunday, June 22, 2014

Color Frenzy

Today, I was determined to use up as much as possible of the left-over fiber reactive dye stocks that were originally mixed to paint small chains for an in-progress table runner warp. Here are the bundled chains drying on the balcony.

Since the yarn wasn't drying very quickly in a chain, I unchained (dechained?) the bundle to hasten the process. I was happy to see that the color transitions are fairly smooth and gradual.

Naturally, I couldn't resist hanging the unchained yarn over the warp beam so that I could get a preview of what the finished cloth might look like. Sections 1,2,3, and 6,7 are already beamed with solid blue and solid red; the empty sections between them are temporarily occupied by the painted yarns. Once dry, I can beam them into their proper places.

Elsewhere, some skeins of solid blue have joined the green skeins I posted yesterday. They're destined to be the warp for an interleaved draft - table runners again.

With some dye stock still left, I dragged some silk out of the stash - 3 scarves and a top - and gave them a quick soak in vinegar water and then LWI treatment in the microwave.

After that, I reluctantly poured the last drops of dye stock down the drain. By the time I got the mess cleaned up (and washed off my hands), the dinner bell rang.

There are still two painted skeins curing in the studio - they'll have to wait until after they've been rinsed and dried to be photographed. More tomorrow. Their future is undecided - probably another table runner warp, red with painted stripes, weave design as yet unplanned.

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neki desu said...

what a color riot! dying-note the spelling- to see those chains warped