Friday, June 20, 2014

More Color

The pink rayon warp chains have now been painted with a rotation of colors: blue, purple, fuchsia, scarlet, orange, and lemon yellow then back again.

I've covered the yarn with plastic wrap and will leave it to cure overnight. When the yarn is still wet, it's difficult to tell how the colors will look once they're cured and rinsed and dried. I'll post a photo after that's done.

The paper towels I used to mop up stray drips tell the story of the dyes themselves, but how they'll look on a pink substrate is another matter.

There was quite a lot of dye stock left over, so I've used all the yellow and a small amount of the blue to dye these 20/2 tencel skeins green for a later table runner warp that's still in the planning stage. Tomorrow, I'll dye an equivalent amount of tencel blue with a hint of violet in it, since the design is an interleaved threading in blue and green. More on that project at a later date.

Sorry the photo is so out-of-focus - it was getting dark in the studio by the time I got to this point.

I'm thinking of using the remainder of the leftovers to paint some skeins, but I'll have to move fast. Once you paint yarn that has been presoaked in Soda Ash, the brush carries some of the SA back into the dye container, and it begins to react with the water. If I wait more than a couple of days, the liquid will be colorful, but none of that color will fix onto fiber.

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Pat said...

I am always pleased to hear of someone else who cannot bear to throw away dye solution! When I dye using Procion MX, I always end up by cramming lengths of cotton fabric into a pot and pouring the left over dye in. Regardless of colour mixes, it always (so far) looks good. But I must take a tip from you and have skeins of yarn ready.