Monday, June 02, 2014

Table Runner #4

Fourth and final piece on the warp!

What I did for the treadling was to copy the motifs from the off-white and rust stripes in the threading into the treadling, copy and paste again, flip the second iteration left-to-right, and voila!

It makes a design that has "rose" and "star" shapes where the mountain is flipped, which preserves the character of the threading line, without being totally symmetrical in the treadling. Hey, there's mirror symmetry in the threading - enough is enough!

I still have several treadlings for this design that I won't be able to weave, because there's only enough warp for four runners and this is #4. I may have to thread the design again in a different colorway and try more treadlings.

In any case, here's one last glimpse of the third runner winding onto the cloth storage beam:

One might wonder why the cloth has such a different color balance in this photo versus the one at the top of the post. Well, the back of the loom is lit by a flourescent bulb, and the front of the loom by a halogen bulb. The color temperature difference is dramatic! No matter how hard I try to filter the images in Photoshop, I can't get them to look like they're all woven with the same thread.

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Unknown said...

This is such a lovely series of runners. I love them all!