Tuesday, June 03, 2014


The table runner warp is woven. This time, there were a few inches of warp left so I can't call it "the bitter end," but the runner was long enough and I was bored enough to call it done.

After cutting the runners off the loom, I asked them to pose for a group photo. Number 1 on the right, in order to number 4 on the left.

Numbers 1 and 4 have the most in common, because the treadlings share at least some of the various motifs from the threading. Numbers 2 and 3 are both advancing twills - 2 has fairly small advancing points (1 through 8 and back to 2, 3 through 10 and back to 4, etc.), and 3 has a sequence of 5-end runs with an advance of 1 shaft for each run (12345, 23456, 34567, etc.).

The treadlings I didn't get to try out are advancing curves and other networked shapes. They do interesting things with a threading made of points of various sizes and shapes. The next table runner warp will take advantage of the fact that the treadlings are already designed - a bonus, timewise!


Alice said...

Handsome! Amazing variety. Family resemblance, but they are all strong individuals.

Meg said...

I LOVE this series!!