Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ready to Cut Off

I finished weaving the most recent piece (see yesterday's post), wove an inch of plain weave in a contrast  yarn, inserted a stick, and wove more plain weave. Then I applied Fray Block to the plain weave on both sides of the stick. Once that's dry, I can cut off the woven pieces, and have a warp ready to tie to the apron rod.

In the framing department, I mounted this woven image of (from left) me, Auntie Aileen, and my sister on a canvas stretcher, attached the outer floater frame, and then added the necessary hardware for hanging. This is a newer version of an image that's been on my website for years. The original was woven when the loom had only 960 hooks, so this version woven on 1,440 is much wider. It'll be the booth sample for my Woven Portraits service, described in a PDF you can download from my website here.

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