Saturday, September 27, 2014

The 200,000-Pick Tune-Up

Well, close to 200,000 picks, anyway.

The Jacquard loom is at the 185,568-pick mark, and we decided it was time for an oil and lube, complete cleanup, and (finally) the conversion from the original small black clips that connect the hooks to the heddles to the newer snap swivels. Here are the 2 parts in question:

The snap swivels are supposed to prevent a lot of hook errors, so I hope the results justify the tedium of the exchange.

Here's DH the engineer, working on a module that's been removed from the loom, cleaning off all the old, sticky, gunky lubrication and checking for cables that may be ready to fracture.

The loom looks kind of empty, with the empty spaces left by the modules now occupied only by the heddles which are secured with long wires so that the threading can be preserved.

The modules, once cleaned, are resting on the work table so I can replace the old black clips with the new brass snap swivels.

In between these activities, I've been dying some yarn for a couple of table runner warps. First are the red tencel and the small quantity of blue-violet tencel that will go on the loom with the variegated skeins that I posted here.

I also dyed some skeins for weft for a runner warp that will have an interleaved threading in blue and green. The wefts are 30/2 tencel:

In addition to these, I'll pull some navy or black from the stash for the fourth runner on the warp.


Pat said...

I wondered what you were doing and whether you were still suffering. Yours is the kind of job that leaves you feeling your halo has just been burnished. Good luck Pat Foster

Alice said...

The more incredible the equipment, the more it demands of us to maintain it. A good friend once joked to me about the huge amounts of time we spend maintaining our labor-saving equipment. Just think, if you had spent six months weaving a tapestry, all you would have to do after cutting it off would be to take a dust rag to the loom (well, slight exaggeration maybe).

neki desu said...

from this side it all looks daunting