Monday, October 13, 2014

What You Missed...

...if you didn't make it to Open Studios. These jacquards were on the balcony, which connects the main part of the house to the studio space.

This one was also on the balcony - one of my all-time faves.

Then inside the studio were other display areas:

Sales (for me) were nonexistant, and for DH, very low. We're thinking we might not sign up for next year's Open Studios Art Tour, because it's pretty expensive to participate - $150 per artist to be included in the catalog. And if you just happen to open your studio (just informally, mind you) and haven't signed up, you can be blacklisted. It's a quandary.


Connie Rose said...

Well that sucks -- no sales, the cost, and the blacklisting. Sounds like a zero sum game to me. Bummer.

Teresa Ruch said...

Both of you have beautiful items. Low sales seem to be a trend for this year. Hope it is better year or Christmas sales.