Monday, February 16, 2015

Towel #17, and a Postscript

I finished towel #16, and it looks as if there's enough warp for one more - not bad for a warp calculated for 16 towels!

The final towel is a draft that forms interlocking ribbons of weft-face versus warp faced effect, because of the plaited twill tieup. Here's the draft:

And the cloth on the loom:

A postscript regarding basketweave selvedges:

This is a "duh" observation, but I'll say it anyway: Because the smallest unit of basket weave consists of 4 picks and 4 ends, if you design in the tieup, the tieup must be a multiple of 4 columns in width. For the same reason, the treadling in your design must be a multiple of 4 picks.

And in the case of points (not networked designs that imitate points, but real points, as in 123432, there are additional things to consider. Firstly, points usually result in an odd number of picks, so multiples of 4 can be tricky to achieve. Not impossible, but...

If you design in the tieup, and the treadling includes points, at the points the sequence will fall apart. In this case, you must convert your draft into liftplan mode and enter the selvedge manually. I typically do a lot of copy and paste operations :-)

But in any case, if the treadling isn't a multiple of 4 picks, you need to repeat the sequence until it is.

If I think of other constraints to keep in mind, I'll post them later.


neki desu said...

i♥ interlocking ribbons and plaited tie ups

Connie Rose said...

Love the recent drafts you've been weaving. Very cool!

Elaine said...

Weaving that looks like weaving!

Johanne said...

je veux le patron svp je suis fermière de st-pie

Unknown said...

Skaists raksts, daudz paminu Vai Jūs latviski saprotat? Juma tāds latvisks vārds un uzvārds!