Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We're finally home from our Thailand-Myanmar jaunt, and it has taken a surprisingly long time to adjust. My word, the older I get, the more difficult it is to change my internal clock to local time!

Yesterday, the dye pots were busy, making the colors I will need for the next jacquard piece on the agenda.

Here's the design file. The fuschia border is a place-holder for a weave that will combine two of the weft colors in equal amounts (probably purple and royal), so you can ignore that. The color chips across the bottom of the image represent the weaves I will actually use for the body of the weaving. There are three weft colors, which will appear in the cloth in varying intensities. The color chip strip will be trimmed off the design file before weaving begins - it is only there to make it easier to isolate each hue on its own layer before assigning weaves to the layers.

Here are the newly dyed yarns - a turquoise-ish light blue, a royal blue, and a purple:

All are Bambu 12, from Silk City via Cotton Clouds (the retailer I buy from - I don't buy sufficient quantity to open a wholesale account directly with Silk City).

This piece represents my Annual Project for Designing Weavers, which is due to be presented to the other members at the April meeting, so I'd best get cracking!


Laura Fry said...

Welcome home...and back to weaving.


neki desu said...

bet you did some stash enhancement in thailand.

Charlotte said...

Those colors are gorgeous, love them!