Friday, April 03, 2015

Lady Banks Goes Bonkers

Rosa Banksiae, that is. We planted several a few years ago, but until this year (when electric fencing came to the rescue) the deer kept eating the plants before they had a chance to bloom. Thank you, Mr. Edison!

In other news, fiber work has been slow: I burned 5 fingers (the first 3 on my left hand, first 2 on the right) picking up a hot saucepan without hot-pads, so I've hesitated to do anything that would abrade my fingertips. I have managed to mend and hem and press 10 towels, though. Eight are pictured below, two were gifted in Myanmar; one to a family that hosted us for dinner one evening, the other to our tour guide.

The other towels from that warp will wait until I can hold a needle and thread comfortably!

As soon as I can sort through my photos, I'll post some of a weaving workshop we visited in Mandalay.


Laura Fry said...

Ouch! Hope your fingers heal quickly.

Cally said...

Ow! Your poor fingers. I hope they're better soon.

Love the towels - such a glorious variety!

Pat said...

I have always hankered after a Rosa banksiae but never had a house with enough wall space. I am jealous!