Saturday, April 04, 2015

16 EPI, Oh My!

I can't remember when I last wove at that density... it's been years, in any case.

I've sifted through the yarn stash, and found a big bag of knitting yarn that I'm never going to knit, not in this lifetime. All in the sort-of-DK range, about 1,200 yards per pound (based on the information on the ball bands - 100 gm = 240-or-more yds).

The yarn I have most of is a multicolor, tweedy cotton/acrylic blend with natural, green, yellow, and tan in it. At the point in my fiber life that I thought I might knit with it, I bought a number of balls of coordinating colors in a similar size.

I suspect it'll be a quicker project to weave than it would have been to knit (this because I've never actually completing a knitted garment, only scarves so far - there are a couple of UFO sweaters in a cupboard waiting for me to finish 'em - I wonder who I'll bequeath them to...?).

I'm thinking scarves or shawls for this warp. I plan to sett the warp at 16 epi, and use 16/2 or 20/2 unmercerized cotton for weft. I'll sample plain weave and broken twill, but instinct tells me a twill will be best.

All the balls have been wound onto cones at this point, to make it easier/faster to wind the warp. I think a mixed warp is easiest to wind at 16 epi if I set up 16 cones on the cone rack and use a tension box and the sectional beam. The rack and tension box will have to be dragged out of a dark corner and dusted off, since I usually use a warping wheel to wind warps. I'm not sure yet if this is the next project to go on the dobby loom (there are a couple of others waiting in the queue) but I need that space in the stash closet for other things!


Alice said...

It's funny how often stash busting is the driving force behind design. And more often than not it's successful.

Laura Fry said...

Sometimes instant gratification is AGood Thing. My shawls are 10 epi/ppi. I'm enjoying doing them a lot. And likewise an effort to bust the stash down to a more manageable size.