Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Chugging Right Along

In between sessions of resleying the jacquard loom, I began weaving the mixed-knitting-yarn yardage. It goes quite quickly at 16 epi/32 ppi. The weft is 16/2 unmercerized cotton, and the structure is a simple broken 4-end twill.

This coming weekend, DH and I will be at the Contemporary Crafts Market at the Pasadena Convention Center. DH is an official exhibitor, and I'm the booth assistant. The organizers chose DH as poster boy for the show - his work is pictured on some of the postcards:

If you are going to be anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area on the weekend, do come by to say hello. You'll find us in booth 509. If you go to the organizer's website, you can print tickets good for two free admissions.

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Laura Fry said...

Good luck with the sale. :)