Monday, June 01, 2015

More Clearing of Decks

Connie's shibori-stitched shawl has been sent back to her. As soon as I hear that she's started the embellishment phase, I'll post a link here to her blog so you can follow her progress.

Now that my part of that project is complete, I'm getting ready to move on to the next thing. In this case, the next thing turned out to be a resleying task. I've been meaning to resley the jacquard warp from 48 epi (4/dent in a 12-dent reed) to 45 epi (3/dent in a 15-dent reed). The width in reed went from 30 inches to 32 - not a huge increase, really, but I've got some 4-weft weaving in my future, and it's difficult to get the weft yarns to pack in enough at 48 epi to achieve a solid color instead of little dots and dashes separated by the other weft colors.

It has taken parts of 3 afternoons, because I can't sit too long without my lower back complaining. The warp is now lashed onto the apron rod, and roughly tensioned. I'll fine-tune the warp tension tomorrow, and start weaving.

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