Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stash Enhancement

In a minor way... not cones and kilos, but grams...

My friend Nancy visited her friend Joy not long ago, and Joy told her, "I've got some really fine silk yarn I'm never in this lifetime going to use. Do you know anybody who might like it?"

Nancy said, "Yes, indeed, I do!"

So I am the new owner of 5 small skeins of silk. On the left, an undyed 100-gram skein of 120/2 from the late lamented Woodland Woolworks, and 4 beautifully dyed 50-gram skeins of Swiss 60/2.

 Welcome home, guys, I expect you'll find your way into some future scarves!


Laura Fry said...



Meg said...

Giggling. I'm glad you got these. I look forward to them popping up in your work. Still giggling. Nothing wrong with small additions in order to help you reduce a lot, right?

neki desu said...

if they're gifts they don't count as stash, i was told ;)

Pat said...

I reckon 45 to 50 gms per scarf so you have five scarves there! Lovely colours