Friday, August 21, 2015

Scarf #1

I've woven 1,520 picks, just over half the final length. My camera has trouble "seeing" red (as so many small digital point-and-shoots do - it's because they usually have a lower quality sensor than big DSLRs do). The colors in the photo below aren't true to life - but they do show the difference between the areas where warp A are predominant, and the areas where the weft are predominant.

In real life, the red warp is a deep rose, and the weft is a very pale rose. I believe that after wet finishing, the cloth will have a lovely amount of iridescence, with the pale weft only showing up in the right light, then glittering nicely.

The back of the loom is not so attractive, however. The rose warp I dyed using a skein of Chinese silk, and it's full of knots.

 Granted, a few of the knots are my own doing, when the thread snagged while winding at high speed onto cones. But I can tell theirs from mine: the factory ties a real weaver's knot, which makes a much smaller lump than my plain old overhand knot. The thing is, I want to see those knots as they appear between reed and fell, so I have time to replace the warp ends once the knots are spotted. Unfortunately, many of the factory knots hide until they're less than an inch from the fell, which causes a few swear words to scent the air around the loom. Naturally, none of you has ever had that experience, right?

P.S. The good news is (A) it appears that both threading and color order are correct across the cloth, and (B) I'm finally off the !@#&;%$#@ medication, so my brain is in much better working order. Praise the Lord!

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MegWeaves said...

Yay to normal head! And the colors look wonderful.