Sunday, August 16, 2015


The fuchsia and burgundy warp is finally threaded and sleyed. This warp  has taken an inordinately long time, mostly because the nerve block medication makes me dizzy and stupid. I can't count the number of times I had to put the loom driver in reverse to make sure I was entering warps in the correct color order ("fuchsia, burgundy, fuchsia, where was I??"). Oh, well, the sleying process helps to locate errors in color order (I didn't find any, but that doesn't mean it's correct...).

Tomorrow I can tie the warp onto the cloth apron, and maybe weave a few picks to double-check the threading.

I really dislike feeling dizzy and stupid, so I've begun to wean myself off the medication; one can't simply stop taking it, without the risk of seizure. So I'm reducing the dosage over at least a week before I can finally say goodbye to it. This has been one of those cases where the treatment is almost as awful as the ailment! I look forward to getting back to "normal," whatever that means in my case.

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Kaaren Reid said...

If it's Topomax.... after we're a certain age (ahem) it DOES make you stupid! It was great while I could take it.