Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This is why I use the "treadle your threading" method when working with a complex threading:

Anybody out there want to take a shot at threading it without a computer+dobby assist? I think not. However, if you use your weaving software to put that threading into the treadling, and then ask the dobby to treadle it, the task of threading is much easier and above all, much more accurate.

I treadle a pair of "wefts," which are really warp ends, pull over the heddles from the raised shafts, and thread them, being careful to get them in the right color order (A, then B). One fuchsia, one burgundy, etc.

If it were a three-color warp, I would treadle 3 "wefts," and pullover three heddles, threading them in ABC order.

At the time the photo was taken, I had completed 3 (of 11) sections. The process isn't fast, but the accuracy level makes it worth the extra time.

This is going to be very saturated, richly colored cloth. The first weft will be a navy blue, then I have 4 or 5 other colors queued up to try. The one I look forward to most is an extremely bright orange 220/2 silk. Can't wait!


Pat said...

Just out of interest, how long a warp are you putting on?

Sandra Rude said...

This is a 4-scarf warp. Once upon a time, during my "production" phase when I used a fly-shuttle and weaving was a bit faster, it would have been 7. As I age (or perhaps as I become more prone to boredom?), that number keeps decreasing. Four is typical nowadays. Surprisingly, I can weave almost as fast with a hand-shuttle, and it is kinder to my hands than the fly-shuttle.

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