Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Fat Lady Sang

Metaphorically, anyway. And not a moment too soon. Here's what was left of the warp when I stopped:

I couldn't have woven any farther - the problem isn't the body of the cloth, which uses shafts 1-20. The problem is the selvedges, which use 21-24. By the time I stopped weaving, those selvedge ends were *much* tighter than the rest of the cloth, and I had to tighten the tension on the shuttle to compensate, or find big lazy weft loops at the selvedges. And this is all the weft that was left:

Scarf #4 is now on its way to having its fringe twisted, along with its fellow members of the series. Then any needed mending, and of course, wet finishing and a hard press.

Here's what it looked like under the loom - love that vivid blue-violet weft!


Laura Fry said...

Wow! I thought I was doing well! You make me look wasteful! :^)


neki desu said...

oh yes, the blue violet cuts it!