Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Along the Moselle River

I took a half-day tour of the Moselle wine region, while DH went on a (strenuous) tour of Marksburg Castle. I figured that sipping Reisling wine (the predominant grape variety in this area) would be more relaxing. I was right.

What struck me was the almost impossible steepness of the slopes on which the grapes are grown. We discovered that the vineyards have developed a very clever system with a mini-monorail that is used by small (2.5 horsepower) engines that carry workers up the slope and then carry bins of picked grapes down the slope. 

The winery (in the charming town of Winningen) that we visited made both still and sparkling wines, and it was interesting to see that they use the same "ridding racks" that are used in other areas that produce sparkling wines. In this photo, the bottles are a sparkling Rose in a clear bottle, instead of clear wine in a green bottle.

And the archives looked very interesting...

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A trip to that place where the wine is being made is my dream) Photos are breathtaking! Thank you a lot for sharing your impressions.