Wednesday, October 21, 2015


The clock tower has windows on either side of the clock face. On the hour, the bell rings, the windows open, and you can see two figures. Each of them raises a stein to his mouth and drinks until the bell stops ringing. Lots of classic half-timbered houses to be seen.


Jean said...

Sandra, Rothenburg was right down the road from us when we were in Germany. Wish you could have visited then! Pretty sure that's where we lived when you sent the Weaver's Mag where your scarves made the cover. All those years ago, you took me to a guild meeting and and sparked a little fire and I bought Beryl Moody's rigid heddle. For that spark I will forever be grateful.

Sandra Rude said...

Jean, I'm so happy to help another weaver on a wonderful textile journey! And I love that part of Germany. We really enjoyed our visit, even though you weren't in residence at the time...