Friday, January 29, 2016

It's About Time, Part II

DH has been waiting for me to finish the interleaved red warp, because he was sure that a thorough oil-and-lube would help with the noise problem I've been having with the motor shaft lifting system. So no sooner than I had cut off the warp, DH visited the studio with stepladder, tools, and lubricant in hand:

It's been a long time since this was done last - 8 years to be precise, because that's the last time the loom was fully disassembled and all the parts easily accessible to clean and oil. Moving house is a good opportunity to do some essential cleaning.

Anyway, the dust bunnies (as bunnies tend to do) had accumulated inside all the loom's moving parts (and some nonmoving ones too) and were probably acting as brakes (or at least contributing to friction that interfered with shaft lifting) so we're hoping for positive results.

I won't be sure the cleaning has completely solved the problem until I can get another warp on the loom and begin weaving. (It's always possible that there are also mechanical or electronic problems within the lifting system itself.) I have yarns ready, and designs to weave, but first there's a deadline for a jacquard project that will keep me away from the dobby for a few days.


Meg Weaves said...

And we raise our glasses to yet another Weaver's Husband's good deed. (I hope the noise is gone now.)

Alice said...

You have a good staff.

neki desu said...

can i rent your staff?