Friday, January 08, 2016

On to Scarf #3

The third piece on the dobby loom warp has a bright orange weft. The orange accentuates the red warp and contrasts with the red-violet warp. It was a challenge to find an angle from which the pattern shows up in the camera. For some reason, the best light to bring out the red-violet's violet side is flourescent - in incandescent light, it just disappears.

If you click to enlarge, you can see the areas where weft and red warp are on the surface, where the weft and red-violet warp are on the surface, and where the weft predominates.

And to stay on the red side of the color wheel, here's the latest entry in the New Year Amaryllis show. A nice tomato red with fuchsia highlights, three blooms already open and three more waiting their turn. It's a very healthy big bulb - the flowers are fully 30 inches above the table the pot is on.


Laura Fry said...

Yummy colour on this, a very dreary day. :)

neki desu said...

wow reds. the amaryllis too