Thursday, January 14, 2016

Six Blooms at Once

It's unusual for all the blooms to be open and perfect at the same time. Normally the blooms open one or two at a time, and by the time the first is fading, the last is only just appearing. Not this one!

There's a third amaryllis bulb waiting in the wings, and a second flower stalk inching upwards on the first amaryllis bulb.

In other news: well, there isn't much fiber work going on. That's because on Tuesday I had a procedure called a Trans Esophageal Echocardiogram. All the online literature I've read seriously overestimates the grace and aplomb with which patients tolerate the procedure. I still feel wobbly  from the sedative (propofol, Michael Jackson's drug of choice) and can't swallow anything except slightly thickened liquids in very small sips. It's a good way to diet, right?

I'll be back online as soon as I feel well enough to weave. Promise.


Meg Weaves said...

I was going to joke about amaryllis on steroids, but goodness, I sure hope you feel better soon. Diet or no diet, I hope you can eat normal food soon, too.

Cally said...

I hope those liquids are tasty! The amaryllis is amazing - I have never seen one in such full bloom.

Sheila said...

Wow! I grow amaryllises too, but have never had more than four blossoms on a stem.
Feel better soon!

Sheila O'Hara said...

Dear Sandra,
Amazing amaryllis blossoms but Eeks! Hope your test gives you the answers you are looking for. I also hope that your throat heals and you can eat things other than soup soon. It is good soup weather at least!
Sheila O'Hara

neki desu said...

your amaryllis could win any flower show!
soup's not a bad thing in the winter so take advantage.echoing sheila on the test.