Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Warp on the Dobby Loom

This one is a three-color interleaved parallel threading. The silk warp colors are natural, medium grey, and dark navy. The navy is there because I don't stock black 60/2 silk, and getting a true, deep black takes a lot of dye. Here's part of the draft (it has no repeats, so if I try to show the whole thing, you can't really see any detail):

 The result is to turn the weft into three values - light, medium, and dark, plus some shading between those values. The threading is an extended Dornick twill, which reduces the number of weft-wise floats that can occur in a regular point twill. The treadling (a series of big curves) creates a feather-like design.

Here's a view of the setup for warping. I'm winding six threads at a time, two each of the warp colors. The threads go up through the raddle mounted just below the sectional beam, and thence back to the warping wheel (not shown). There won't be a thread-by-thread cross, it'll be three-by-three;  but because of the difference in value, it won't be difficult to know which of the three threads is next (even I can usually manage a,b,c,a,b,c etc.).

And here's a view of the first three sections beamed. Because the two outermost sections are different (the selvedges aren't interleaved, they are all grey) I beam them first. Then the inner sections are easy because they're all identical - no thinking required!

At the point this photo was taken, I'd moved the vinyl tubing over one section to the right, to be ready to beam the third section from the left.


neki desu said...

you're back in the game! good!

Cally said...

Oooh, I love a Dornick skip. The highlights in your design are delightful.