Friday, February 05, 2016

Next Up on the Jacquard Loom

I'm now 800 picks into this image, which is actually being woven sideways:

The image is based on a photo of me (aged ~20), reduced from a grey-scale image to just two colors (black and white, which then became just black and transparent) and then layered among the colors of one of Connie Rose's paintings.

The pale blue-grey  border is a placeholder for an equal blend of color B (blue) and color C (pale grey). The strip of color chips at the bottom of the image was cropped off the file before weaves were applied.

The weaves are 4-weft shaded satins on a black warp: the wefts are red, blue, and pale grey, plus black so that the areas that were black in the black-and-transparent image will be a darker black than would be achievable with a black warp and only 3 colors of weft.

Here's the first third of the piece on the loom:

The photo was taken after dark, with partly flourescent lighting, and the colors aren't quite true to life. I'm a little concerned about aspect ratio, but since I wove a sample and resized the image based on the proportions of the sample (which is the same ppi as the weaving) I'm hoping it is close enough. We'll see...

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neki desu said...

i really like the idea and the outcome of layering connie's colors.