Friday, April 22, 2016

Brown Won

After I finished off the green-weft scarf, I went trolling in the stash for the next weft color. When I opened the bin of fine silk, a cone of nice rust-brown was smiling up at me. Decision made. Easy-peasy. Small feathers this time. Maybe quail?

And in extreme closeup (if you click the small version to display the full-size image), you can see the warps elbowing each other to claim their role on the face of the cloth. This effect of threads moving out of their proper vertical alignment is common (and fascinating) with 3-warp designs. And even more obvious after wet finishing, which allows them all to relax and yield when appropriate.


Meg Weaves said...

Luuuuuurve this piece!

Peg Cherre said...

WOW!!! You're making WONDERFUL healing progress! And of course the weaving is beautiful.

neki desu said...

looks very elegant & subtle