Monday, May 09, 2016

Family Wedding

Our niece got married this past weekend to her long-time boyfriend, whose parents live in nearby Paso Robles. They hosted the wedding, as well as the following reception/dinner/dancing. They have a small ranch. The wedding itself was held on a grassy lawn, and the rest of the evening in a huge tent with a floor of wood chips.

I'm only including one photo of the festivities, because I only had my cellphone for photography, and most of the shots were out of focus or otherwisw unsatisfactory.

This is the bride dancing with her father. Sensible girl that she is, she wore tennis shoes under her floor-length gown for the entire event. The women with high heels must have envied her comfort...

We had family members staying with us, and attending Rude get-togethers, for several days. Now I'm exhausted, but pleased with how well everything went, and very happy for the bride and groom.

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Laura Fry said...

Sensible young woman, indeed! Best wishes to the. :)