Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moving Right Along

I've finished weaving the red-weft scarf. Here it is on its path toward the cloth storage beam. I'm including this shot because I really love the way the eye blends 4 yarn colors into something that looks more like 7 or 8.

When you add in the iridescense, maybe 9 or 10...

It took me a while to pick the next weft color. I had a skein of hand-dyed dark violet, but there were skein-tie marks (paler areas) and I don't want to take the time right now to fix them. Later, yes, but not now.

Until now, the weft colors have all been in the range between the grey warp and the navy warp in value. This one is quite different - a pale ice blue, definitely closer to the natural warp in value. The first shot was taken at about 80 picks into the weaving, and shows the weft color on the pirn:

The second shot was taken at 200 picks, and shows how neutral the cloth looks from the driver's seat:

However, if you click to enlarge the image, you'll see a hint of blue iridescense in the lower right corner. I suspect that after wet finishing and pressing, it'll be more visible.


Meg Weaves said...

This latest is irresistible, Sandra!!

Laura Fry said...

Love how colours mix in weaving. :)

Connie Rose said...

WOW! Those awesome patterns you use remind me of Bargello needlepoint I did back in the early 70s. Glad to see you back at the loom(s) again!