Monday, July 11, 2016


Unlike Mick and the rest of the Rolling Stones, I get lots of it, especially from the sight of a newly beamed warp. "A thread under tension is a well-behaved thread," and all that. Makes me do the happy dance. Of course, the minute I insert sticks into the cross and begin threading, that tidiness disappears for a while, only to reappear once the warp is threaded and tied onto the apron. You'll no doubt see it in several posts before that happens.

In the meantime, there's a skein of bronze rayon wetting out in the studio sink, waiting to see what dye I throw at it tomorrow. I'm planning to try turquoise (on a small sample first) hoping for teal. Wait till tomorrow, and I'll report what happens. I might have to try multiple samples...we'll see.


Karen said...

Sometimes I'm almost sorry to actually throw the shuttle, the nicely wound and tensioned and (dare I say it) designed warp is so nice!

neki desu said...

photos only a true weaver will relish :)