Sunday, July 10, 2016

Coming Soon on the Dobby Loom

A blue warp is in the still-beaming stage:

This is 20/2 rayon, which I bought on huge (really, gigantic!) mill cones for a frightening price of a few dollars per pound. The largest cone is over 6 pounds, so the postage was more expensive than the yarn. Luckily, I bought several colors, some usable as-is, and some (particularly the bubble-gum pink) are best overdyed. For this run of scarves, the pink has morphed into orange for one piece, and deep purple for another. The bright scarlet has been darkened with a burgundy overdye, and the bronze darkened with a tad more bronze. Here are the wefts so far:

I still need one more color, and am planning another overdye.

This is one of the drawdowns:

The design was created by using a network-on-a-4-end-initial draft as a profile, and applying a multishaft crackle block substitution action to the profile. When I wove some yardage on this type of threading a few years ago, it rewarded me with really spectacular iridescense, so I hope for more of the same. See this post, and scroll to the second image.

I find that iridescense is most successful with fine, lustrous threads, and this rayon fits the bill.

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Laura Fry said...

Lots of play time coming up, I see! My next warp on the AVL is 100 yards (100 turns on the one yard circumference beam) for the conference here in '19. I'm weaving 'panels' that will get turned into souvenier tea towels. The goal is to use the panels in our guild booth at the conference in Victoria in '17. :)

But first I have to beam that 100 yard(turn) warp...

In the meantime, it's back to scarves.