Thursday, February 02, 2017

Back to Work

My extended holiday (AKA recuperation) is soon over, although there is still some Physical Therapy to be done, but I am longing to get back into the studio and weave.

I had a lot of knitting projects (and videos on knit techniques to learn), but failed to take into consideration the effect of pain medications on brain power and concentration. So, except for a little bit of what I call idiot knitting (an appropriate adjectivefor my condition), I really have not done much textile stuff since mid-December.

I apologize for having been so silent this past 6 weeks, but have had nothing to report. That will change soon, I promise!


Peg Cherre said...

No apologies needed, Sandra. Spending time healing is important. Glad you're doing well.

Alice said...

Glad you're starting to emerge from the fog. Keep up the good work. And hell, there's nothing wrong with idiot knitting. It has saved many of us from despair!

Laura Fry said...

It takes time. Welcome back to blogging. :)

neki desu said...

good to have you back.seconding alice.

Unknown said...

please good to have you back.seconding alice.