Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I Lied

Here it is March, and I clearly overestimated my return to "normal" activities. All that I have accomplished is to be awarded a Best in Show by the Paso Robles Art Association for the much-modified portrait shown in this post:

When I joined the group, the oil/watercolor/acrylic painters did not take me very seriously as an artist. Now, that might have changed.

The theme of the February exhibit was Masquerade.  I figured that wishing or pretending one were 20 again fit the theme.


Laura Fry said...

You are barely, what, two months post surgery? Patience Grasshopper. Yeah, I know. Come on patience. I haven't got all day!

Connie Rose said...

Congratulations! And take your time getting back to it. You're allowed to slow down, my dear.

Cally said...

No rush - the loom isn't going anywhere! And congratulations. Not just for the award, which is fantastic in itself, but for changing hearts and minds in the art world!