Tuesday, June 13, 2017

And On We Go a'Weaving

I began writing this post on Wednesday, and had to put it on hold while we made a pre-Father's Day trip to Los Angeles. We figured that my father-in-law would have lots of visitors on the weekend, so spreading out 'his' day would be a good idea. So, to resume the post:

After letting the lashed-on warp rest overnight, I wove a few picks to debug the threading, and finding no errors, went on to get the PPI at the desired density. Here's the result:

For this draft, I'm only using 16 shafts. Eight shafts for the big stripes (both colored and natural), four shafts for the narrow, paler stripes of each color, and four more shafts for the basket-weave selvedges.

The warp is all 12/2 unmercerised cotton. The hem wefts will be 24/2 unmercerised cotton, and the towel body wefts will be either 16/2 unmercerised cotton in natural or 18/2 unmercerised Fox Fibre in light green.  I may use up the remains of the colored warp yarns for narrow, weft-wise stripes on the last few towels on the warp.

The drafts use broken twill for hems, and various straight and point twill for the broad stripes.

That's the plan, anyway. 

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