Thursday, June 28, 2018

Next in Line

The next project to go on the loom is another series of featherweight wool boucle pieces. Narrower this time than the last, this warp is18 inches in the reed, sett at 30 epi. The warp yarns are three different blue-leaning-slightly-toward-green cones pulled from stash. One is a Zegna Baruffa 2/32 wool that is spun for the sweater industry, thus pre-fulled and fluffy. The other wools are approximately 2/36 and 2/40 (only the McMorran Balance knows for sure) and spun for weaving so they appear much finer than the other because they aren't pre-fulled.

The weft is another very fine boucle called Mousse, whose merino loops are blue-green and nylon binder is a blue that is close in value to the warp yarns.

The weave drafts will be 4-end broken twill or crepes. I've trawled through Oelsner for 8- and 16-end crepes, and have chosen a few with short-enough floats as possible candidates. The threading will be straight draw on 16 shafts, with 4 more shafts for selvedges.

I wound the warp 6 threads at a time, with a 3x3 cross. As I thread the heddles, the order among the triplets is random.

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