Monday, June 24, 2019

Group Portrait of Runners

1. Treadling is tromp-as-writ, with the center section repeated to get the right length.
2. Treadling is 10-emd blocks (5 white, 5 black, in alternation). Block 1 is on shafts 1 and 11, block 2 is on shafts 2 and 12, etc.
3. Treadling is points that grow, stay big for a while, then decrease again.
4. Treadling is based on a 5-end advancing twill.
5. Treadling is skinny diamonds that stay the same size throughout. Boring to weave, and boring to look at. So boring, I'm not even going to post its portrait; you saw it on the loom, here.

My favorites are #2 and #4. Probably because they look the least like conventional shadow weave.
Here are closeups, in numerical order:


Laura Fry said...

Nice. I like the less traditional ones. ;)

Patricia said...

Looks so beautiful!

Peg Cherre said...

I like 1 & 3. Different strokes for different folks.