Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Painted Warps

Warp chains for scarves-to-be. All 20/2 Tencel. Narrow black stripes at selvedges, and separating the color chains. The central panel is blue, green, and purple. The outer painted panels are blue, green, and bright yellow. If my planning is correct, the yellow bits will be adjacent to the purple bits in the central panel, which should make the colors really pop.

This will be my first project beamed using the warping valet that DH built for me. A  new adventure!


Laura Fry said...

Fun times. I'm hoping the Megado tension beaming system will work for me. Otherwise I may need to figure out a valet for it.

bettes said...

Hi Sandra, I use a valet on my Glimakra all the time and did set up a seriously complicated way to do it on the AVL...which wasn't a dream. Your set up is more reasonable. My big question is how did he secure the side pieces to the top of the AVL so that they did not pivot (even if they are tightly screwed in)? Also, I found round exercise weights to work well- they come in increments of 1/4 to 1/2 pounds and "if" one does not spill....