Friday, December 21, 2007

Postscript to Last Post

I should add this to the information in the last post:

On one warp of three shawls, I used a weft thread that was dyed (not by me) in very long color sequences. So if you read the post describing those shawls, yes, there was a gradated yarn.

However, the weave structure was the same as I described in the last post. The color changes in the weft made the final result look even more complex than if I used a solid-color weft.

I'll be leaving for a 5-day holiday break, so the blog will be on hiatus until I return. I'll post more pictures of yarn being dyed with wood dyes next week.

Here's a teaser:

This is a jar of brasilwood (Haematoxylon brasiletto) chips that I bought many years ago. It's been sitting in a cupboard until last Monday, when I put about 4 ounces into a jar and poured alcohol over it. It's been soaking 5 days now. You can see how much color the alcohol has extracted from the chips. Another 5 days, and it'll be just about ready to dye with. It'll be gorgeous on weft thread!

I've discovered that the Salton warming tray we got as a wedding gift some 26 years ago keeps a dyepot at the perfect temperature for long, slow dye runs. I've used it more now in the past month than we did in the entire 26 years since we received it!

Happy holidays to everyone! More pictures next week.

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swanknitter said...

I got TWO warming trays for my first wedding 37 years ago, one from each brother! I never found a use for them so they fell away somewhere. Now you find a use for them!