Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jacquard Class, Third Day

The whole class is brain-fried again, after another day of learning new things at a rapid rate. We've covered some structures that many of us had never even heard of, much less woven.

My first sample piece started out as one of the images Alice provided, a shot of rose hips:

After reducing the image to 7 shades of grey, and substituting shaded 8-end satins for each of the 7 greys, the woven image looked like this:

There were a few problems in the right-hand area of the warp, where a power problem prevented a few solenoids from actuating and lifting their hooks properly. That had to be fixed before the next student could begin weaving.

Marguerite Kaufman had a turn at the loom later:

This afternoon, the warp developed a few broken ends, which had to be repaired by Anna (on the left in the photo), assisted by AVL's Lucinda Grisham. See? It's just like any other loom - when it wants to protest being overworked, it makes sure it gets the attention it wants.

Tomorrow we have another full day to study and weave and practice our Photoshop skills, and we all hope to be able to weave another sample. Perhaps a 4-shuttle samitum, or a weft-backed satin?

Stay tuned!


Leigh said...

The rose hips turned out lovely, solenoid problem or no!

Dorothy said...

I haven't seen anything like this before! I'm stunned by what you can do with a photo, a computer and this jacquard loom. Thanks for writing about it.