Friday, February 01, 2008

Wood Scarf #3

I apologize for not posting anything for such a long time! Our house has been on the market for 10 months, and we finally dropped the price below the magic number and a rash of offers came in, so we've been busy with showings, negotiations, phone calls with the real estate agent, etc.

The result was both blogger's block and weaver's block. Now that the house is under contract, I've actually been able to get back to the loom - after all, I've got to weave off this warp and maybe one more before escrow closes and the loom is disassembled and packed to move.

Here's the first few inches of Wood Scarf #3 in progress.

The weft is a light-to-medium value logwood grey. In the weave, the areas of rose, light brown, and light grey show up fairly clearly at some angles, and are indistinguishable from other angles.

Most visitors to the studio (aka the living room, which every prospective home-buyer wants to examine) can't really see any pattern at all. "What do you need such a complicated loom for, when you're weaving plain cloth?" The loom takes up a fair proportion of the square footage in the living room, so whoever's showing the house has to explain what it is, and why it's in the living room. "She's a professional weaver, and this is the only room big enough for the loom."

The photographer hired by the realtor did a good job of making the loom look smaller, and emphasizing the size of the room, not the size of the loom, don't you think? When he came to take the photos for the house's website and the realtor's brochure, he asked if I could move it temporarily for the sake of the photos, and was quite taken aback when told (loudly) "NO!"

The coffee table was made by DH out of clear lucite to display the beautiful silk prayer rug we bought in Turkey in 2000. The rug lies on one sheet of lucite, and there's another sheet of lucite above to protect it, with an air gap between layers to allow the fiber to breathe. It's a flying carpet!

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Peg in South Carolina said...

What a lovely place for a loom! Mine is in the small space of a breakfast nook, but there are windows on two sides, which I love. Plus easy access to coffee.......(grin!) Anyway, all things considered, I'm surprised you find any time at all to blog! I'm glad you find at least some, for I really enjoy following your weaving adventures.