Friday, April 03, 2009

Towel Weft Yarns

The weft yarns have been dyed and dried, and are waiting to be wound onto cones, then pirns.

The dyepots gave me two pinks (one based on fuchsia, one on scarlet), two lavenders (one red-violet, the other blue-violet), and a coral. Each pot had a skein of 30/2 mercerized cotton for 3 towels worth of weft, plus a small skein of 40/2 mercerized cotton for matching hems. I'll use already dyed leftovers for the remaining towels.

Also, the warp is now all lashed onto the apron. Commenting on the picture a couple of posts ago showing the first few bouts lashed on, Peg admired the fact that all the knots were so nicely lined up. Hey, that was before putting tension on the warp.

Here's how it looks now that the warp's tensioned. As you can see, the knots don't really line up all that well; there's a 3/4-inch difference between the shortest and the longest. Oh, well, this is one of those "don't sweat the small stuff" issues. Because lashing on minimizes warp waste at the front of the warp, I don't worry about a tiny bit of waste on a few bouts.


Life Looms Large said...

Those are beautiful colors!!!

Thanks for the picture of lashing on. I think I'm going to switch over to that whenever I see people's pictures or their descriptions, it's helpful!


Gexton said...

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